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Internet marketing fast is a company specialising in Guaranteed Google Front Page Exposure. We are an Australian based Google Qualified Company. Our focus is not just on front page Google exposure, and on bringing traffic to your website, but on bringing the RIGHT traffic to your website. Our comprehnsive Google AdWords campaigns and our overall holisitc approach allow us to precisely track not just the traffic that comes to your website, but specifically, what this traffic is doing on your website. This is vital information because it allows us to see which keywords keep people on your website for the longest period of time, which keywords cause people to visit the largest number of pages on your site, which keywords have the lowest bounce rates, which keywords result in the largest number of quotation requests etc.

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General Google AdWords Information

After years of ingenuity and hard work, Google AdWords has finally reached the pinnacle of success. Google’s advertising revenue skyrocketed to a total of $21 billion dollars in 2008 and search volumes and revenue continue to grow.


History of Google AdWords

Way back in 2000 when all this started, the idea sprang forth from Bill Gross’s mind out of browsing through the Yellow Pages. Google then thought this was so good they wished to buy the idea from its originator.  Although there was some sort of legal contention that transpired, that was eventually settled after some time. From then on, AdWords freely went off and running. One and a half years after the release of the advertising concept, Google released a newer version. This was launched as the pay per click advertising model. Being closely similar to the Overture model of business, Google did some recapitulation by introducing the new pay per click model with some significant distinctions from the original. Google understood the gaps in the overture pay per click advertising (PPC Advertising) model of business. This model meant “the higher the bid, the higher the exposure”. This model however had some flaws in it. If suppose a person who bid for a higher amount got more exposure and the ad was not of relevance to users, it ended up not getting clicked on there by generating no revenues from the advertising. From then on, it became important to measure the relevance of the ad. To be able to do this, Google introduced the click-through rate and quality score systems. Then bid amount did not matter quite so much anymore. The higher the click-through-rate on the ad, the more revenue generated, and this also assists in ensuring a great user experience. Instead of creating the pay per click model with guaranteed page ranking, Google studied the model and understood the flaws in it to successfully create this model of pay per click. It takes many years to fully create, understand and master AdWords pay per click advertising. This is why internet marketing companies hire marketing professionals who have studied AdWords pay per click AdVertising and different methods to systematize and find a technique that truly works.


Relevance of Google AdWords PPC Management

With the use of proper PPC management, you can increase your sales. Pay per click services have proven greatly useful for many Australian businesses. It is identified as one of the most effective techniques taken advantage of by advertisers to exhibit their products online. Pay per click advertising costs are remarkably lower in comparison to other methods of building high traffic to your website.

You always search for a trustworthy and reliable company to provide you with a certain service. It is all for the fact that they get the job done right at the first time. You want your every dime to be worth it, and your online marketing campaign should not be any different. When planning to take part in the Google marketing, ensure you turn to a company that is Google AdWords Certified.  AdWords Australia offers you comprehensive and latest news and information you need on pay per click services.


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